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Connect to the life around you.

Just by sharing a photo of any species, like a bird or flower, you can get an identification with other users. You can easily log and share the species you see, ask for help identifying the species in your photos, or help others!

About BioNote

We believe everyone has the right to know the species around them.

Knowledge about life on Earth is fundamental knowledge that everyone should have access to. Unfortunately, today that knowledge is hard to get to, or too dense to be accessible when people need it. How many times have you seen a bug or flower, wondered what it was, but didn't bother to look it up?

At BioNote, we think the best way to make species identification accessible is to connect the scientific community with everyone else, through a simple and engaging digital platform.

A beautiful photo of raspberries on a bush
A blue and yellow colored bird
A blooming flower

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The App

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Log your Sightings

Easily log the species you see, and store them in your digital field notebook.

Collaborative ID

Automatically share your photos with the rest of the BioNote community, and get professional identifcations from experts around the world. Compete on a level playing field with researchers and citizens to be the best identifiers!

Biodiverse Trail Maps

Explore the species sighted around you, wherever you are in the world. Going on a walk? Why not go on a custom trail, with a map of all the species sighted nearby!

Contribute to Research!

Each sighting you log and share helps researchers around the world better understand life on Earth. Every bit of data helps governments know what to protect.

The Team

We are people who love nature, science, and biodiversity.

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